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What's new on DeuxChevaux.org?

5th of December 1999:
Impressions of my Jylland journey 1996 are now online, little changes on the gallery pages.
21st of November 1999:
Added link to the Citroën links of the Open Directory Projects.
14th of November 1999:
Converted all GIFs into JPEGs. Now these graphics are available as both, PNG and JPEG, offered via content negotiation. Minor changes on the footer.
12th of November 1999:
All GIFs now also available as PNG. If a browser supports PNG, he'll get PNGs otherwise the appropriate GIF. Updated several links. Corrected some minor typos.
21st of July 1999:
Apua-Help-Seite aktualisiert, da letzte Woche der neue Apua-Help (1999-2000) rauskam.
27th of June 1999:
New main page with dynamic and more compact menue and a short introduction to each menue entry.
24th of May 1999:
Spare parts dealer list updated regarding the DeuxChevaux.org design. Also add al links section to the address list.
Picture gallery of `95 World Meeting moved to DeuxChevaux.org.
Added index structures to gallery hierachie.
Bugfixes on layout headers and footers.
13th of May 1999:
Bugfixes on redirects.
10th of May 1999:
Set up a new (beta) version of the spare parts dealer list, of which earlier versions were published at http://fsinfo.cs.uni-sb.de/~abe/2CV/Adressen/.
1st of March 1999:
Set up the "What's new?" page.
Added new photos of Thomas Kammerers HY.
Added my HY to the Gallery.
Some minor bug fixes in the english header and footer.

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