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The Citroën 2CV Database shall become a collecting point for information of all kind about the 2CV, his sisters (the derivatives) and his big brother (the H-Van aka HY).

Because of me maintaining this server besides my studies, it grows only slowly. At the moment it contains the new versions of nearly all Citroën related pages, which were formerly located on my home page. There are enough ideas, but insufficient time...

The gallery contains some photograph collections of meetings and vehicles.

The Citroën 2CV Database ( is a non-profit project, which provides technical and historical information about classic cars build by the French car manufacturer Citroën S.A.; The Citroën 2CV Database is not Citroën S.A., France which can be found at (resp.,; The Citroën 2CV Database is not associated, affliated with nor sponsored by Citroën S.A., France.

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